The Flip Side of Communication

We are so accustomed these days to being connected to each other. So connected, in fact, that most communication can happen in an instant. Whether it be Facebook Messenger (“I know she got my message, I can see her online”), Snapchat, Twitter, Periscope, Facebook Live or an Instagram comment, our communication skills have gotten faster, more instant and…. better?

Or have they?

How much of our conversation these days is just on-sided? We leave each other Facebook posts such as “Miss you! Let’s hang out soon!” and then possibly an emoji for effect… but is that sentiment felt and received? Have we actually communicated if there’s no response?

Consumer practices have also fallen into the same trap- online shopping has gotten so popular, many stores out there are closing their doors for good and putting more money into their cyber-space locations. When did the face-to-face relationship of sales associate-to-consumer become a thing of the past?

Northwood Ravin approaches this stance from both a realist and an optimist perspective. While they see the need for instant communication, they realize communication is just that- the act of communicating. With a delicate balance of both old and new approaches, residents of their signature communities can enjoy the best of both worlds.

There are over 12 ways to get in touch with a team member of a Northwood Ravin community at any given time:

  1. Facebook- Of course each community has their own Facebook page. But did you know these pages are monitored several times DAILY? Yep.
  2. Facebook Messenger- Need to send a more private sentiment? All communities are on Facebook Messenger with response times displayed. #NoWaiting.
  3. Online Reviews- Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews and, the list goes on.. And oh yes, they’re listening. A team of on-site employees and support team members read, discuss with each other and then respond to all comments and reviews- both good and bad! This newly launched campaign across their portfolio is aptly named “NWR Cares” and means that every sniff, praise, compliment or gripe is heard by their team.
  4. Twitter- Who doesn’t love a good tweet? From grand opening dates to resident events, even Twitter has the 411 on what’s happening! Tweet back to @NorthwoodRavin or any one of their communities for a quick reply.
  5. Online Maintenance Requests & Resident Portal- While most people don’t think of logging into a website when they need something, Northwood Ravin has it’s communities set up to be able to take maintenance requests online, apply for an apartment and even pay your rent. Why not make the most of simple and easy?
  6. Pinterest- Yes, you read that right. Your favorite community is now on Pinterest. So while you’re pinning away and designing your new space at one of Northwood Ravin’s stunning apartment homes, you can go ahead a send a Pin of a wall color right to the leasing office to ask if you can paint your room in Benjamin Moore’s DelRay Gray. (Answer: yes you can, as long as you prime it back to white.)
  7. Google +- The ever-present Google +. While most social media followers haven’t jumped into adding to their circles, this is still a great place to link events to your Google Calendar, check the status of the weather for that outdoor pool party at your community or even just comment on the newly opened fitness center.
  8. Instagram- Northwood Ravin is all about the social media and Instagram is Numero Uno in displaying what they’ve got to show off. Check out #ThisIsNWRLiving for the latest in next-level apartment life. Also, search for your favorite communities and see what they’ve been up to. Any Instagram follow will be returned with a follow-back for no other reason than NWR wants to know what you’re up to, too.
  9. Email- Wait.. what is that again? YES, an email still counts! While maybe not as instant-gratification as #11, your community team has a goal of responding within two hours to any emailed inquiry.
  10. Periscope- @Northwood_Ravin is live on Periscope! From behind-the-scenes at their offices and new development projects to sponsorship events (hello, front row at Charlotte Fashion Week!), grab your phone and follow the adventures of a Ravin.
  11. Phone- With office hours from 9am-6pm and most communities being open all weekend, live help is just a phone call away. There’s no better way to get an answer the fast and easy way- with voice to voice conversation.
  12. In person- You didn’t think I’d forget about NWR’s FAVORITE method of communication, did you? Whether you’re a former resident, prospective resident, vendor, or just wanting to stop in and ask for directions, each community team loves to have company. Stop in, grab a coffee at the java bar found in each clubhouse and take a seat. Communication clearly has never been better.

I hope this list has given you new thought to your favorite (and maybe least favorite!) ways of communicating. Whether you choose a good old-fashioned phone call or to connect with your community team over social media, rest assured your concerns matter and your voice is heard at Northwood Ravin. It’s just another way that not all apartments are the same. Welcome home. #ThisIsNWRLiving

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