Study Tips for Living in an Apartment Community

There are many rites of passage that students go through during the college years – leaving home for the first time, moving into a dorm room, writing countless research papers, pulling an all nighter at the library, and more. Eventually, most college students will leave the dorm buildings move into their first apartment community.

Living in an apartment community as a college student comes with many perks, such as more space, freedom, and flexibility. However, it can come with its challenges as well. In fact, many college students find out quickly just how hard it can be to concentrate on school work when roommates or neighbors are making too much noise.

To help you make the most of apartment living during college, following are a few tips to help you study without having to go back to the library.

Try Noise-Canceling Headphones
Realistically, you cannot control when other people want to have fun or their gatherings get a little loud. Just because you have an exam on Friday morning doesn’t mean that all of your roommates and/or neighbors are going to be quiet on Thursday night also. The good news is that noise-canceling headphones can get you the quiet space you need to study well. By blocking the outside noise, you can better concentrate on your school work.

Purchase a Noise Machine
It may seem counterintuitive, but having a noise machine can help block out noises coming from within your apartment or around you. The consistent noise in your space is both relaxing and effective at masking the sounds that can be distracting. Plus, they are super affordable.

Talk to Your Roommates
If you are going to be living with roommates, communication is key. If your roommates typically have people over on Thursday evenings and you have a big test the next day, let them know. More than likely, they will be completely understanding of your situation and work something out to give you the quiet time you need. Having an agreement like this is beneficial for everyone, as the same courtesy will be given to each roommate when they need to get work done or study.

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