Top Reasons Your Apartment Community Needs a Promotional Video

How do people spend much of their free time? Browsing on social media. How do individuals research everything from products to properties? They visit websites and social media channels. The reality is that a lot of people like to spend their time on their phones and tablets. Whether they are just playing around or actually searching with a purpose, we constantly see people looking down at their screens.

The people are online, so this means that your apartment community must be also! You should have an updated website, be active on your social media accounts, and share unique content. Another way to promote your apartment community online is by having a promotional video. To help you understand its value, following are a few of the top reasons that you should invest your time, energy, and money into a quality promotional video for your apartment community.

1. Videos Can Show More Than Photos
We all know that photos, especially of properties, do not always show the full picture. Photos can make spaces seem larger or smaller than they actually are, and it can often be difficult to get a real understanding of the flow and floor plan just from pictures. On the other hand, videos can allow viewers to truly experience your apartment spaces. This is especially valuable for potential tenants who live out of town. By walking individuals through your apartment units and the entire community in a video, they can get a more realistic view of what life in your apartment community is like.

2. Stand Out Among the Crowd
Whether your potential tenants live five minutes away or across the country, they are all going to research several apartment communities in the area before they contact you or visit in person. First impressions are important, and a high-quality promotional video can help you stand out among the others that they are considering as well.

3. Videos Are Easy to Share
Producing a promotional video can take a little bit of work. However, once you have it created, it then becomes easy to blast it everywhere your potential tenants may be. You can share it on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, local community websites, and more.

For a stunning example, check out our latest video for The VUE Charlotte, a luxury community in the heart of the Queen City…

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