Back to School Tips for Apartment Living

It’s almost that time of year again – school will be back in session soon! This means that all of the luxuries of summer living are coming to an end. Say goodbye to sleeping in, lazy mornings, weekday vacations, spontaneous outings, and empty schedules. Not only will the classroom be full again soon, but back to school also means back to the routines and schedules.

Whether you are a student yourself or you will be sending your kids off to school, now is the time to get prepared. To help make this transition as easy and seamless as possible, following are a few back to school tips for apartment living.

Clear the Summer Clutter
During the fun and excitement of the summer months, it is easy to let things pile up. You may have stacks of papers all over the kitchen counter, suitcases that still need to be unpacked, and piles of laundry that you must wash and put away. Now is the time to tackle all of this clutter, before the hustle and bustle of the school year begins. Clean up the messes from summer so you can start with a clean slate.

Designate a Homework Station
Along with school comes the homework. Instead of trying to figure out where the homework is going to be completed each day, go ahead and designate a homework station. Whether everyone will come to the kitchen island or each child will have his or her own desk, it is important that everyone knows where they will have the space to complete their work.

Create a Routine
School days function much better when there is a consistent routine that everyone can follow. While you don’t need to plan out every minute of the day, it is helpful to establish set times for some of the day’s main events. For example, everyone wakes up at 6 am, breakfast in the kitchen at 7 am, leave the house for school at 7:30 am, homework begins at 4:00 pm, and dinner is served at 5:00 pm. When both the kids and parents know what to expect and when, there are fewer surprises and less room for chaos in a busy day.

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