Best Tips for Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and with it comes thoughts of brilliantly decorated trees and hearths. As you prepare to decorate your apartment, you need to keep some critical design realities in mind in order to avoid over-doing and crowding your space. Here is how you can bring the holiday cheer to your modern apartment in just the right amount.

Swap out the Tree
Yes, a tree is the center point of many Holiday celebrations, but it takes up a lot of space. Instead of a tree, consider hanging garland from doorways and mounting your ornaments onto it. Use a decorative wreath over your mantle or an accent table to serve as the focal point, instead of a tree. If you do need a tree, opt for a small or eve a table-top option that won’t take up valuable floor space.

Decorate with Pillows
The key to decorating a smaller space is to swap out things you already have out and use regularly for festive versions. Throw pillows are a place you can easily do this. If you already have throw pillows on your couch, chair or bed, swap them out for holiday-themed ones. This will not take up any more space, and it will increase the overall festiveness of your home.

Use Garland Liberally
Hang garland from door frames, over your cabinets, and along your ceiling if you feel that the space needs a bit more festivity. Garland doesn’t take up space but does add a festive look to just about everything! Don’t forget to add garland to your light fixtures to make them a bit more festive, if the look fits.

Hang Your Cards
Hang a string from the wall somewhere in your home, and use tiny clothespins to clip your holiday cards to it when you receive them. Even if it’s just from your dentist or your bank, you will add a festive flair to your apartment with this little trick.

Remember, space is an issue when decorating your apartment, so think smart. Use the surfaces and wall space you have to add festive flair, and don’t worry about the larger-than-life decorations that simply don’t fit. With the right decor, your festive apartment will be ready for all of the fun of the season.

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