Best 4 Tips for a More Organized Home

Is clutter overtaking your life? Do you spend most of your morning searching for your keys, because you simply can’t remember where you left them? If this is the reality of your life, then it is time to think about becoming more organized. Whether in a small home or a spacious apartment, organization is critical to reducing stress and creating happy memories with your family. Here are some tips to make organization a reality for you.

1. Declutter
Before you can organize your home, you need to get rid of the clutter. Systematically go through each room and closet in your home and remove those items you don’t enjoy, use or truly cherish. The less that is in your home, the easier it will be to organize.

2. Plan for Problems
Certain items are simply going to be problematic for you. Maybe you have kids that come home from school with backpacks that need a home. Maybe it’s your shoes that you remove when you walk in the door. For some homes it’s the coats you shed the moment you walk in the door. Whatever it is, figure out what your problems are, and create a solution for them. A coat rack, backpack corner or shoe tray can help eliminate these types of clutter problems.

3. Find the Right Tools
After you’ve eliminated clutter and found the problem areas, it’s time to consider the organizational tools that will work for you. If mail is a problem, create a system for sorting it that’s easy to use and practical. If you have many small items that you wish to keep, invest in some storage containers that will corral them in a more organized way.

The key to organized living is having a place for everything, and then insisting that everything is put in its place. Whether it’s storage tubs, baskets, a bowl for your keys or a tray for your mail, invest in the containers that will keep your clutter in check.

4. Learn New Habits
Once you have storage systems in place, you must use them or you will go right back to disorganization. This may require you to learn new habits. Rather than tossing the mail on the table when you walk in the door, for instance, learn to use that new storage system you invested in. It may take some time, but with consistency, organization can be your new reality.

Organization is challenging, but not impossible. With the right tools and some healthy new habits, you can enjoy an organized lifestyle for hits new year.

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