Best 4 Ways to Get Creative When Decorating

Getting your first apartment can feel like a blank slate, with the opportunity to let your decorating prowess shine. Yet when you move in and realize just how small that blank slate really is, you may feel a little discouraged. Don’t let the small size of your apartment discourage you from giving it a personal touch. Here are some strategies to use to decorate your apartment well.

1) Create the Spaces You Lack
Does your apartment lack a true entryway? Use a bookcase to create a staging area where you can hang your coat and set your keys. Do you have a flat without distinct bedrooms? Use furniture placement and even moveable screens to create the feeling of different rooms. By using your decor and furniture to create the spaces you lack, you can better define your space.

2) Use All the Space
Are you using all of the space in your apartment? That dead corner in your living room is wasted potential. Get creative with the right furnishing and decor, and re-purpose that corner into a place to store books or add color to your overall decor. Do you have unused space above the doorway? Hang a shelf that you can use to add colorful decor to your home.

3) Keep Colors Light
A modern apartment is not the place for rich, dark colors, at least not in large quantities. Deep colors will make a space feel smaller and more confined. Make light, natural colors your main color palette, then use the bolder, deeper colors you love as accents. You should aim for two light and bright shades for most of the space complemented by one deep accent color to bring everything together.

4) Embrace Curves
The design of an apartment tends to be a bit boxy. This means you will be served well by adding some curves to the space in the decor and furnishings. Round and curving pieces will add interest to the space where architectural interest may be lacking.

Decorating an apartment well requires a bit of creativity, but when you embrace your space instead of fighting against it, you will be able to quickly transform it into a space you truly love.

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