Affordable & Easy Ways to Keep Your Apartment Organized in the New Year

Is “getting organized” on the top of your New Year’s resolution list? If it is, the space constraints of apartment living may make your takes a little more challenging. Here are some tips to consider that will make it easier to get organized, even in an apartment, this New Year’s season.

1. Toss What You Don’t Use
An apartment is no place to hang on to clutter. Go through each room of your home, and get rid of those things that you just don’t need or use. Don’t forget to purge the cabinets and drawers in the bathroom, especially, where clutter likes to hang out.

2. Clear Surfaces
The countertop, desk top and dressers in your apartment need to be cleared of clutter. If you need to store things on top of these surfaces, use storage containers to hold them in an organized way. Even a simple basket to hold your lotion and soap on the bathroom counter will make it appear and feel much more organized.

3. Maximize Vertical Storage
It’s no secret that floor space is at a premium in most one or two bedroom apartments. However, tall ceilings, which make the apartment feel larger, are common as well, so use them. Use over-the-door shelving units, tall storage units and floor-to-ceiling organization in the closet to maximize your use of vertical space when organizing.

4. Use Clear Storage Containers
Storage containers are critical to organization, but if you aren’t careful you can lose your stuff in the recesses of your storage boxes. Avoid this risk by using clear or opaque storage containers that allow you to see what’s inside. This, in combination with clear labeling, will help you to find things when you need them.

5. Use Two-for-One Storage Options
If you’re investing in new furniture or other items for your home, make sure that they can perform double duty. A storage ottoman, for instance, or bed with under-the-bed drawers can provide valuable storage without taking up more floor space. Of course, only go this route if you’re planning to upgrade your furnishings, but if you are, make the purchase count.

Getting organized in your modern apartment home is a great New Years goal. With these tips, you can make it a reality with minimal effort.

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