5 Hacks for Better Apartment Living

Do you find yourself frustrated at the DIY hacks you see posted on Pinterest that simply don’t work for apartment living? I mean sure, it may be nice to pull down that wall separating the living area and the dining area, but you just don’t have that freedom, do you? You may not even have a wall separating these two areas. If you want to make apartment living even better, here are some DIY hacks you could tackle that could help make your space more efficient, effective and even a bit more spacious.

Store Behind Your Sofa
Pull your sofa out just a little from the wall. It won’t make much of a difference on your floor space, but you’ll gain a tidy little storage area for things like holiday decor or luggage, which you don’t need regularly. Consider storing items under the couch as well, if it’s tall enough.

Use Hanging Organizers
You know the hanging organizers intended for shoes that hang in your closet or over the door to your room? These can be used to hold many things, from cleaning supplies to toiletry items. Turn your door into a storage space with a few of these.

Build a Hanging Garden
Use copper pipe, potted plants and an exposed winnow to make your own garden. Plant herbs or other small edible plants in the garden, and enjoy the benefits of your own homemade food. Because you’re not using any floor space, this shouldn’t impact your overall use of your luxury apartment, but will add a charming green element. Be sure to turn the plants daily so they get even sunlight on all sides.

Use Hooks in the Kitchen
The space between your cabinets and your countertops is a great space to store items with the use of some hooks. Hang your mugs, pots and pans or other supplies from hooks stuck to this area with adhesive. You can even buy moldable rubber to make your own hooks! Add a magnetic knife holder to this space as well to keep your knives on hand without cluttering the countertop.

Do Double Duty
Could a shelf double as a kitchen table? Could an ottoman double as a additional storage? Whenever possible, do double duty to protect your valuable space while ensuring exceptional function in your apartment.

As you can see, all it takes is a little creativity to make apartment living even more enjoyable. Take these tips to heart, and make your apartment space exactly what you need it to be.

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