2018 Apartment Makeover Tips

Are you ready for a new look for 2018? Not for you, but for your apartment? Here are some decorating ideas that can help you transform your space and give it a completely new, fresh look in the coming year.

Reinvent Your Furniture
In an apartment, you may not have the freedom to transform your space. Instead, transform your furniture. Take your work out pieces and give them fresh upholstery or a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into them. The vintage look will be hot in 2018, so embrace it well by breathing new life into existing or hand-me-down furnishings.

Use Wallpaper
Hanging wallpaper in an apartment is a new possibility with the invention of easy-to-hang temporary wallpapers. These removable wallpapers can create a completely new look to a room in your apartment, and are easy to remove when you’re ready to move on without damaging the walls.

Hang New Art
Invest in some new artwork, or even dress up some cheap prints with custom frames, to add color and style to your space. The right piece of art will have a significant impact on the overall look of your space, so this is a place to shop carefully. Throw in a classy mirror to bring depth and light to your apartment.

Rearrange the Bookshelf
If you have a bookshelf in your luxury apartment, hits is a place to give some attention. Weed out those books that no longer bring value to your life, and then add some attractive decor to the shelves. Use trays to corral your decor and make it look pulled together. By dressing up your bookshelf, you will completely transform the look of your apartment.

Maximize Small Spaces
Your hallway, bathroom or other small spaces in your apartment can be a place that adds interest to your space, with the right attention. Consider reorganizing or redecorating these areas to make them work with your lifestyle and your decor. By adding a table to the end of your hallway, for example, you will draw the eye through the apartment and make this once simply functional space truly an asset to your home’s decor.

Remember, renting doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a more attractive home in 2018. With these home makeover ideas for your apartment, you can easily transform your space into exactly what you need and want it to be.

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