5 Pet Etiquette Tips for Apartment Living

One of the benefits of choosing Palladian Place for your next apartment is our pet-friendly policies. You can enjoy your furry friend at your side when you make our community your home, but if you are going to move in to the community with a pet, make sure that you are being considerate of your neighbors as well.

Here are some etiquette tips that apply to pets in apartments that you should consider.

1) Be Considerate of Noise Levels
Unless you have a lizard or a fish, your pet is likely going to make some noises. However, you need to be considerate of how that might affect your neighbors. A yapping dog or a chirping bird can be an annoyance to those who share a wall with your apartment. If you have a pet that has tendency to be a little loud, make sure you find ways to control the noise. This may involve some professional training, but you don’t want to be waking your neighbors with a noisy pet.

2) Pet-Proof the Apartment
Many apartment communities ban pets because of the damage they can cause. While Palladian Place is happy to welcome pets, you do need to be cautious about damage to your apartment. From stains on the carpet to walls that are scratched or chewed, you may be responsible for this damage when you wish to move out. If you want to keep your security deposit, make sure you make your apartment as pet-proof as possible, and consider using the crate training method for dogs specifically so they are contained when you are not home.

3) Pick up Pet Waste
If you have a dog, then you’re going to be walking that dog on community property. When your dog goes to the bathroom, pick it up. Your neighbors don’t want to step in doggy doo when they are out for their morning stroll, and dog waste can spread diseases.

4) Leash Your Pets
When you are on community property, with the exception of in the pet park, keep your pet on a leash. Not everyone loves dogs, so be courteous to the others in your community. Remember, about 11 percent of the population is actually afraid of dogs, so chances are you will run into one of them in your apartment.

5) Follow Pet Park Rules
The pet park is for all people and dogs who live in the community. When in the pet park, make sure you abide by all posted rules. If you do not see any posted rules, then follow what others who are using the park are doing.

Our goal is to create a pet-friendly community where humans and 4-legged-friends can coexist peacefully. As a pet owner, you can help by paying attention to these important pet etiquette tips. By being conscious of your behavior and the behavior of your pets, you can be an asset to the community, and your neighbors will appreciate your attentiveness.

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