Top 5 Tips for Hosting Football Parties in Your Apartment

Fall means football, and whether you follow the pros or your favorite college team, you are going to want to have some friends to help you enjoy the game to the fullest. Does apartment living mean you can’t host a great football party? Absolutely not. Here are some tips to help you enjoy a great time while watching your favorite teams battle head-to-head, even in an apartment.

1. Prep the TV
You need a TV, and a decently large one, to make a football party a success. This is the time to make sure all of your connections are properly set so you can simply sit back and watch when the festivities start. If you need a new one, go as big as your space will allow so all your guests can see well.

2. Add Enough Seating
Seating can be a problem with a party in an apartment. Make sure you have ample seating by pulling in seating from your kitchen table, grabbing portable seating options like beanbags or lawn chairs that you can store later, and even borrowing from neighbors. Give everyone a comfortable view of the TV with a little room for their snacks.

3. Prep the Food
Have the food ready when your guests arrive so you can socialize. You can ask friends to contribute to the meal, or you can prep it all yourself. Because space may be an issue, keep it to finger foods so your guests don’t have to manage forks and spoons. Or, consider meeting early to grill outside in the community’s common areas, then head inside for additional munchies and, of course, the game.

4. Store Drinks in the Kitchen Sink
Instead of having a cooler, which takes up important space, plug your sink and fill it with ice, then add your drinks to that. People can grab a cold one whenever they want, and you will not be filling space with a cooler.

5. Open up the Space
Finally, open up your space by moving larger furniture out of the living area. Stash it in the bedroom for the party or push it up against the wall. The more space you create, the more guests you can invite!

It is not hard to have a football party in an apartment. It does require a little extra planning and prep, but you can have a great time with your friends while you cheer on your favorite team, even when you live in an modern apartment.

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