How to Find Amazing Art for your Apartment

Do you strive to decorate your apartment with an artistic flair? Do you have a craving for creative décor? Decorating your apartment with your own style of art can help set your apartment apart from the cookie-cutter patterns and designs that we see every day.

Showing off your art collection can reveal a bit about your personality to all of your guests—plus, art pieces are great conversation pieces. Let’s look at the best ways to get your art collection started.

Think about Your Energy and Style
The type of art you choose to display in your home can set the tone for each room and your apartment’s overall vibe. Are you looking for a dark painting to compliment your green velvet couch and the sleek wooden floors of your library? How about a gallery wall in your living room to match the distinctive color of your furniture? The art you choose and where you choose to display it can make or break the style of your modern apartment.

Attend an Art Festival
There’s nothing better than browsing for art in person. You can get a perfect feel for the colors, sizes, and overall vibe of the painting. Any art fair, crawl, or festival will have local artists on display with many items for sale, and if you find an artist you strongly connect with, you can ask for their card and keep an eye out for future works. Most importantly, you’re supporting your local art community.

Look for Art Online
While galleries and festivals are prime collecting opportunities, they can be costly and they aren’t always open for business. The convenience, selection, and availability of online art make it a valuable tool in your quest for an excellent art collection. The following websites are some of our favorites for originals and prints:

  1. Etsy – This creative outlet is a haven for artists and crafters to sell their wares online. You can find original works or prints of all shapes and sizes.
  2. com – The vast selection at is the biggest draw; if you’re looking for a famous painting in any format, you’ll find it here.
  3. Minted – At Minted, you’ll find a wide array of independent artists’ work at an affordable price.
  4. Lumas – If you’re looking for limited edition, museum quality art, Lumas is your best bet.
  5. Deviant Art – This website is a hub for creatives to display their drawings, paintings, and more. The prices here are ideal for a starting collector on a budget.

Go Thrifting
While looking for art at a thrift store can be hit or miss, you’ll never find a place with better value. You can find discarded originals or classic works of art at a great price.

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