Creating the Best Bedroom for Optimal Sleep

Need help getting good, quality sleep? We have put together four of the best tips for helping you create a space conducive to good sleep in your apartment. Turns out, just getting into bed isn’t always enough to ensure you catch some quality z’s. That’s why we’ve rounded up these tips for creating the ultimate bedroom for sleep. Because of Chapel Hill North’s trendy location, you’ll need all the quality sleep you can get to keep up.

Go Dark
Have you ever woken up in a nice hotel room, completely oblivious about the time? That’s because most hotel rooms are decorated with quality blackout curtains designed to ensure that sunlight doesn’t interrupt your sleep. You can give yourself the same luxurious treatment at home.

Hanging blackout curtains gives you control over sleeping space in your apartment. If you want to get some sleep before the sun’s even set, you can. If you want to sleep in on Saturday to rest up after a long and busy week, you can. With curtains that will keep your room dark for as long as you need, or want, sleep becomes less elusive.

Ditch the Night-Lights
Since blackout curtains will keep the natural light out, let’s make sure to eliminate the unnatural lights as well. With the multi-functionality of smart phones, you can completely get rid of the clock radios with lighted displays. It turns out, your brain can misinterpret even such dim lights and wonder if it should wake you up. Our brains are wired to interrupt darkness for sleeping, so if you can create the darkness, the rest is natural.

Lavish yourself with layers
Sleeping through the night ultimately comes down to making your body comfortable enough to maintain a restful state. So, obviously, a quality mattress and good bedding are key. But beyond just getting the basics on your bed, it can also help to think in layers.

Not only does layering your bedding create a more luxurious, hotel-like bed where you can curl up with a good book (or a good Netflix marathon), it also makes sleep easier. Throughout the course of the night, your body temp can fluctuate. Being easily able to add or take off a layer so you can get comfortable quickly supports a restful night.

Control Your Soundscape
Some people need complete silence to sleep. Others find it easier to drift off to the sound of white noise. A third group prefers the TV to lull them off to dreamland. Which group are you? If you’ve never thought about your ideal soundscape for sleep, this is the time to start. Knowing what kind of auditory inputs help you sleep – and which keep you from it – can make a big difference in both your ability to fall asleep quickly and your ability to stay asleep.

Now that you’re equipped with the best tips to get quality sleep in your apartment, come learn more about our neighbors and our facilities!