10 Living Room Storage Tricks

Whether you live at Bradford or a different luxury townhome community, the living room, is one of the most popular rooms in your home. It’s where the family gathers to watch a movie together or where guests sit for a coffee date. Due to the high traffic nature of living rooms, it can often be one of the most cluttered and the hardest to organize. Here are some tips and tricks to help salvage your space without sacrificing style.

Maximize the Use of Furniture
An entertainment center doesn’t just offer a spot for your television. Many of them are manufactured with multiple shelves and cubby holes, which make great storage for things such as game systems, movies, or trinkets. Use this space to clear some room on your coffee table or declutter another area of the living room. When it comes to coffee tables, find one that offers an extra set of storage, such as a second shelf on the bottom or drawers. Ottomans also serve more than one purpose. Not only do they make a comfortable footrest or seat, but they can also be used for storage.

Use Wall Space Wisely
Shelves can help alleviate the clutter of other areas in your living room. Floating shelves offer functionality and style while leaving your floor plan open. They are perfect for keepsakes, pictures, and even small plants. Freestanding shelves and cabinets also allow for storage of items you don’t regularly use or move, without taking up much space.

Store Blankets and Throws in Style
Ladders are good for more than reaching high places. A blanket ladder is a simple DIY that can be used for more than just décor. It offers functional storage by allowing you to drape blankets and throws over the bars. It can also be painted the color of your choice to match your décor!

Showcase Your Plants in a Nonconventional Way
House plants add life to any room, but they can take up space that could be better used some other way. Consider swapping some of your larger plants out for smaller ones you can place in hanging planters. Secure hooks into your ceiling and hang your plants for display.

Wall Racks
Don’t pile up books and magazines on your coffee table. Instead, hang wall racks and use them to place your favorite reading materials up and out of the way, but still easily accessible.

Console Table
If your couch is close to the wall, you may not have room for a larger console table, but even a smaller one will help save space. When placed behind the couch, a console table offers a resting place for drinks, remotes, and other items you may want quick access to, while saving your coffee table from endless clutter.

Make Use of Decorative Bowls and Trays
Speaking of coffee tables, it is often the place everything gets laid down when not in use. Instead of just throwing the remotes, the car keys, and other small objects on the table, get a decorative bowl or tray to house them. It’s the perfect addition to any coffee table.

Basket Storage
If your living room doubles as a playroom, toys can accumulate quickly. Carrying them back to the proper room is a hassle. Store toys frequently played with in baskets and place those baskets behind a piece of furniture. You can also put them beneath your console table if you use one!

End Table Storage
End tables are great for keeping drinks nearby, but they can also serve another purpose by storing items underneath. Don’t just stack items beneath your end tables though, as this can look messy and cluttered. Grab a tablecloth in the color of your choice and drape it over your end tables. Not only does this cover up the storage under the table, it can also add more color to your living room.

Bar Carts
Bar carts are small, movable carts that are a functional accent for any room. For projects, toys, and other items that move from room to room regularly, store them on the cart for easy transport. This is also a great way to move things out of the way when you have guests coming over, without having to find a place for everything.

Whether you use the living room for play dates or entertaining guests, there are a variety of ways to maximize your space. Avoid a cluttered appearance by utilizing wall space. Shelves are simple and convenient for placing small keepsakes and other items, while baskets can be used for larger items. Use your furniture as more than just furniture. Entertainment centers offer a place to store movies, games, and more. Coffee tables with a second shelf or drawers also allow for easy storage. No matter how big or small your living room, you can make use of every square inch while keeping your style and décor.