How To Decorate for the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July has been a long-celebrated holiday since the USA’s declaration of independence from Britain in 1776. Every year, Carolina Square, homes and businesses are decked out in red, white, and blue decorations to commemorate the occasion. Here are some tips on how to decorate for the Fourth of July in your luxury apartment home.

DIY a Door Decoration
You can find a wreath for all occasions in any major department store. If you want to celebrate independence without breaking the bank, try a DIY clothespin wreath. All you need is a wire wreath form, clothespins, and paint. Paint the clothespins red, white, and blue and organize around the wreath form. You can paint stars on the blue clothespins or cut them out of another material and secure to your wreath.

Fly the Flag
If you have an American flag, show it off! Be sure to follow proper flag etiquette when displaying Old Glory, but let her colors fly freely.

Change Your Table Settings
Instead of your usual dinnerware, get a patriotic dish set, or even just a set of red, white, and blue cloth napkins. If you use a tablecloth or table runner, swap them out for an appropriate Fourth of July color. If you have an outdoor patio set, replace the centerpiece with something for the holiday. Place small flags in a mason jar or vase to create a simple, yet visually appealing centerpiece.

Repurpose an Old Pallet
You can find an abundance of old wooden pallets available online, usually for free. Some businesses may even offer them to those who ask. Paint the boards red and white, leaving a square in the upper left corner for blue paint. Once the blue paint dries, you can paint white stars or use another material to cut them out and secure to the pallet. This makes for a great Fourth of July decoration you can lean on a tree or your porch for everybody to see.

Swap Your Flowers
If you have potted plants on your porch, consider temporarily replacing them with flowers that bloom in red, white, and blue. While there are a variety of flowers available in each color, petunias can be planted in all three and are relatively simple to maintain. You can even paint terracotta planters red, white, and blue for the new flowers.

Bandanna Banner
Bandannas are inexpensive and can be found in nearly any store. To create a colorful, fun Fourth of July banner with them, start by cutting the bandannas into pennant shapes. Secure the cut pieces over a rope or other stringing material, alternating in color until the desired length is reached.

Flag Lanterns
Repurpose old jars into lanterns by using a crafting method called decoupage to place an image of the flag on the outside of the jar. Sit a tealight candle in the jar and light it when night rolls in. Not only is this a simple Fourth of July decoration, but it can also serve a purpose by illuminating an area that might otherwise be dark.

Temporary Cushion Covers
If you’re looking for more ways to spruce up your outdoor furniture, use bandanas to cover cushions. This no sew technique is a simple way to add some patriotic color to the outdoors. Take any combination of red, white, or blue bandanas, placing one on the top and bottom of the cushion. Secure them together with matching ribbon or rubber bands. The bandanas can be used for other things once you’re done with them!

These are just a few of the many ways you can decorate for the Fourth of July. From simple DIY cushion covers to recycling a pallet into a painted flag, there is something for everyone’s style. Show your patriotism by decorating with red, white, and blue inside and out.