Surprising Sources of Indoor Air Quality Problems (and What to Do About Them)

How clean is the air inside your apartment? Many modern stepparents have excellent air filtration systems, but that does not mean your indoor air quality problems are completely eliminated. In fact, indoor air tends to be significantly more polluted than outdoor air, and that can lead to respiratory problems for your apartment’s occupants. How can you know if you have a problem, and if you do, what should you do to rectify it? While you may find quite a few indoor air quality risks in your apartment, the team at the Residences at Capital View outlines steps you can take to rectify them and improve the overall indoor air quality of your home.

Common Sources of Indoor Air Quality Concerns in Apartments
One of the biggest sources of poor indoor air quality in an apartment is poor air flow. Modern apartment communities have designed ventilation systems to help with this, but the layout of most apartments makes air flow a greater problem. To improve the air circulation within your home, open the windows often and use your ceiling fans to encourage the air to move.

Dust is another prole that plagues homes of all types. If you have dust, you have dust mites, and dust mites can stir up allergies. To prevent problems with dust mites, keep your home dusted regularly, and vacuum using a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system.

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are a common source of indoor air pollution, and often something that can be avoided. VOCs are found in many cleaning supplies, personal care items, and even craft supplies. Ingredients like formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, and acetone can all be connected to indoor air problems. This one is more challenging to combat, because it’s not always possible to remove all VOCs from your apartment. However, you do have control over cleaning supplies and cosmetics that you buy, so look for those made from green, natural ingredients. If you must use cleaners or products with VOCs, open the windows when you use them.

Ways to Combat Indoor Air Problems
In addition to dusting and opening windows, there are other measures you can take to limit the impact of indoor air quality problems in your apartment. Adding indoor house plants that do well in an apartment environment can help filter the air and improve your overall respiratory help. Adding an indoor air purifier is another step to consider. Make sure to properly vent the bathroom and laundry room when using products that may contain VOCs, using ventilation built into your apartment home whenever possible.

Indoor air quality is a serious problem that everyone, regardless of the home they live in, needs to be aware of and take measures to address. With a little bit of forward thinking and planning, you can protect the indoor air quality of your apartment home.

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